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This year we are awarding 4 cash prizes with a total purse value of US$5,000. awards The inaugural SPrize 2012 sponsored by Synbiota Accept the Challenge Now!
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What is the SPrize?

The inaugural SPrize is a competition where people with web skills (Javascript, JQuery and HTML5) and Big Thinkers can make a huge impact in the emerging world of web-based DIY Biology tools. Contestants will develop awesome open source plug-ins for GENtle (the Open Source, web-based DNA design app) that do amazing things with DNA code. We’ll even pair up developers and artists with biologists to help get you started!

The submission deadline is October 31st, 2012 and final decisions will be made by our international panel of judges which includes Magnus Manske, the original developer of the MediaWiki platform, and lead GENtle architect.

Why is this so important?

The current generation of DNA Design tools (software folks can think of it as an IDE for DNA code) are inaccessible to most people. Confusing download/install/update cycles keep this important technology out of the hands of many potential innovators. We think these tools should be as easy to access as Google or Wikipedia.

With the introduction of GENtle 2.0, Magnus Manske in partnership with Synbiota and Mozilla WebFWD, have created a Web-Based, Open Source DNA Design app that anyone can use by simply clicking a web link. This has enormous potential to bring Biological Design to a whole new audience of innovators around the globe.

The competition:

Teams and individuals from around the world will compete to create Open Source Javascript plug-ins for GENtle. The top entries as decided by our global panel of judges will earn a cash prize and global bragging rights. All Open Source plug-ins will be immortalized in the GENtle plug-in feature for the entire scientific community to use in their everyday work.

Submitted plug-ins can be made to do anything. From productivity plug-ins like DNA aligners, Gibson assembly, primer designers, and blasts, to playful plug-ins like making your DNA code sing or be visualized or interacted with in interesting ways. All plug-ins are welcome!


1 × $2000 top prize, and 2 × $1000 secondary prizes awarded after the closing of the competition. A further $1000 prize will be awarded 6 months after competition closes to the creators of the plug-in that boasts the highest viral metric (V): [V = (# of times used) × (√(# of countries used in))].


Some technical information about GENtle:

GENtle is a Web-Based, Open Source app that allows designers, developers, scientists and enthusiasts to develop novel biological products using Synthetic Biology technology. It works in any modern web browser including those found on desktop and tablet computers. GENtle was created by Magnus Manske in partnership with Synbiota and Mozilla WebFWD.

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